The cuisine has changed at an incredibly fast pace throughout the years. It has evolutionised towards less heavy dishes, personalised with creativity whilst incorporating our grandmothers’ secrets which are, in fact, the origins of our Catalan cuisine.
The products, always of the finest quality; and where possible from the local area are first on our shopping list, no matter the time and care needed to gather them.
We use “Blat de moro escairat” (a special variety of corn), “Pesol negre” (black peas), potatoes grown in the mountains, meat from cattle that roam throughout the mountain pastures, fruits of the forest and cheeses from the Bergueda area. With the advances of modern transportation, distances aren’t really important nowadays; that’s why we are also able to offer high quality fresh fish brought in through different ports.
Our choice to use local products also means that we can offer a varied menu related to seasonal specialities.
Last but not least, we recommend our restaurant’s star product; wild mushrooms, they have a long history in our menu and we ourselves are mesmerized by their exquisite taste to the palate.
We regard tham as a “wonderous treasure”, a gift from mother nature.
This is reflected in our menu as we always offer some dishes with wild mushrooms. Keep in mind that certain times of the year are more generous than others and it is when the rains have come that the lands come alive with their glory.



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